Abnormal Results

art_cancer_contemporary_drawing,art and medicine
Metastasis II, 180 x 150 cm, marker and pen on paper, 2014

. I am interested in the experience of negotiating the physical and emotional balance between sickness and health. My drawings examine organisms attacked by cancer. Using scientific material that involves cancer related databases, microscopic views, histopathology images, Kaplan-Meier curves, 2D and 3D modeling,I combined these visual facts about cancer into expressive images in order to create something meaningful and emotionally insightful. The notion of  “time arrow” is traditional to philosophy and art. However, it is closely connected with our life span expectation. Classical literature, such as “Magic Mountain” of Thomas Mann stress that time perception is very different for healthy and gravely ill persons. In the case of cancer patients it is further complicated by an “obscure” terminologies of oncology: stages, life expectation, therapy outcome, metastasis,
remission etc. It is my goal to facilitate the comprehension of this realities by my art.  Some of reactions of audience, but also my personal experience before I was given a free of cancer verdict, suggest that people in face of cancer may try to live more intense life, as it was formulated by a famous cardiologist Marek Edelman that one “To outwit God”. I first focused on studying cancer as an art subject in 2013.  The works also elicited responses from many individuals about their experience with cancer. These stories, based on direct experience or those of loved ones, centered on the anxiety of waiting for results, facing the possibility of metastasis and the dawning awareness of how much time might be left to the patient and their families. I believe this anxiety, as well as the accompanying search for hope and strength, are universal human experiences and that art may help to alleviate.

Maess_contemporary-drawing, cancer in art,illness in art, medicine in art
Beautiful things are afoot, 100 x 70 cm, marker and pen on paper 2013
maess_carcinoma,art and cancer,illness in art,art in medicine
Histopathology, 3 x 42 x 29cm, pen on paper, 2015
Metastasis III, 180 x 150 cm, marker and pen on paper, 2015
Exhibition view, Platan Gallery Budapest
Exhibition view, Platan Gallery Budapest
Exhibition view, Platan Gallery Budapest
maess, contemporary drawing,art and medicine,art and cancer
Fall of platelets, 100 x 70 cm, marker and pen on paper, 2013
Survival, 100 x 70 cm, marker and pen on paper, 2013
So fragile, 100 x 70 cm, marker and pen on paper, 2013