Residencia Corazón, La Plata Buenos Aires,  Argentina

25th September – 16th November 2008

dessin contemporain de maess inverted desenho contemporaneo

Maess, Inverted 4, pencil on paper, 42 x 29 cm, 2008

The “Inverted” exposition is a result of the artist’ s residential stay in Argentina and it consists of collection of drawings based on a unique topography of the city of La PlataMaess treats the ideal city design with multiple transformations, violating exist­ing realities. An exploration of space between the starting point and the final result invites the viewer to embark on his/her own intellectual adventure of perception beyond the habitual lim­its. The artist’ s key aim is not to reach a predetermined goal, but to observe the moments and places where imperfections and errors in the inversion process occur. Inversion can refer to a particular case of abstract thinking and can also be consid­ered a result of instinctive human penchant for putting con­trasting objects of concepts together. This kind of definition does not however allow to multiply all possible situations or circumstances and to adjust them to such thinking. Commonly used intuitive processes of inversion cannot always be reduced to a common denominator, since, for instance, contradiction such as good/evil is of different nature than day/night. Simple act of reverting inversion also does not lead to a zero sum situa­tion, but creates a web of transformations with varying interre­lations. Such manipulations can be best observed in visual arts – the most effective way of reaching a semantic or formal effect of surprise is to seek out the stubborn constant that hides in earlier solutions and invert it by 180 degrees.

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