Transit Zones, Waiting Areas

dessin contemporain desenho contemporaneo,desenho contemporâneo artistas Transit zones, waiting areas Plumba Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal  curated by Nuno Perreira 23rd September – 26th November 2006 Dessin contemporain,desenho contemporaneo,disegno contemporaneo Maess Anand, Transit Zones, pencil on paper, 35 x 25 cm, 2006 These are registration drawings which intend to represent the elusive moment when we see… Continue reading Transit Zones, Waiting Areas

Abnormal results 2

zeitgenössische zeichnung, contemporary drawing, art and medicine, art and science, cancer in art,dessin contemporain,art and cancer, Abnormal Results part 2 The second part of Abnormal Results’ cycle dessin contemporain,art and cancer, zeitgenössische zeichnung, zeitgenössische Kunst,contemporary drawing,desenho contemporâneo, art and medicine, art and science, cancer and art, cancer in contemporary art, illness in art, art and… Continue reading Abnormal results 2

Abnormal results

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dessin contemporain, contemporary drawing, dibujo contemporáneo, art and cancer,

contemporary drawing, dessin contemporain,art and cancer, art and illness, art and science, cancer in art, contemporary drawing artist, art and medicine Artist statement: I am interested in the experience of negotiating the physical and emotional balance between sickness and health. My drawings examine organisms attacked by cancer. Using scientific material that involves cancer related databases,… Continue reading Abnormal results


dibujo contemporaneo, dibujo contemporaneo artistas,dibujo contemporáneo Inverted Residencia Corazón, La Plata Buenos Aires, Argentina 25th September – 16th November 2008 dibujo contemporaneo artistas,dibujos contemporaneos The “Inverted” exposition is a result of the artist’ s residential stay in Argentina and it consists of collection of drawings based on a unique topography of the city of La… Continue reading Inverted


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domestic violence in art, violence conjugal dans l’art, violence conjugal dessin, domestic violence drawing

Excessive Able Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2009, Foundation for promoting Contemporary Art / Gallery program, Warsaw, Poland 2011, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum 2013 domestic violence in art,Violence conjugale dans l’art,dessin contemporain,domestic violence drawing Excessive, 29 x 43 cm, pen on paper, 2009 Every square inch of these drawings captures pure violence. Dance macabre of red and black.… Continue reading Excessive