Curated Affairs

Das Blatt, Düsseldorf exhibition opened through 27 June 31 July 2020 artists: Maess Anand, Arno Beck, Paula Doepfner, Sławomir Elsner, Caroline Kryzecki, Ignacio Uriarte curated by Angelika J. Trojnarski and Kasia Lorenc   DAS BLATT by Curated Affairs centers on the medium of contemporary drawing focusing exemplarily on the current art scene between Rhineland (Maess Anand, Arno Beck) and Berlin (Paula… Continue reading Curated Affairs

Abnormal results

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contemporary drawing, dessin contemporain,art and cancer, art and illness, art and science, cancer in art, contemporary drawing artist, art and medicine Artist statement: I am interested in the experience of negotiating the physical and emotional balance between sickness and health. My drawings examine organisms attacked by cancer. Using scientific material that involves cancer related databases,… Continue reading Abnormal results